Fire District Launches File of Life Program


The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District launched a new program last week aimed at helping seniors and emergency care providers in Sisters Country when emergencies happen.  The goal of the File of Life Program is to have important medical information in one location in the event of an emergency.  The information provided in the “file” will help responders provide better care by having your past medical history and any medications you take in a convenient, common location in every household.  Both Cloverdale and Black Butte Ranch Fire Districts are also partners in the new program.


Matt Millar, a Fire Medic with the District said, “Emergency medical situations are inherently stressful, both for patients and care providers. Anytime we can come up with ways to minimize that stress it will create an environment on scene that is more conducive to the best possible care. By having an up-to-date and concise record of information pertinent to patient’s history like the File of Life, we improving our ability to deliver the exceptional care our constituents deserve.”


On Tuesday, May 8 staff from the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District presented the program to area seniors at the weekly senior luncheon at the Sisters Community Church.  Attendees received their File of Life Program packet.  Residents are encouraged to fill it out and place it on (with a magnet provided). or on top of their refrigerator, or in an easy access location for emergency responders.


The program is part of the Fire District’s Strategic Plan goal to provide an all-risk senior citizen safety program within the District.


For more information or to receive a File of Life Program packet, please contact the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District at 541-549-0771.