Blood Pressure Clinics

High blood pressure creates a high risk of serious health issues – primarily strokes that can leave a person with permanent disabilities. Because high blood pressure itself does not necessarily present obvious physical symptoms, it can go un-diagnosed and un-treated.    Checking your blood pressure on a regular basis and seeing your doctor if you have high blood pressure can aid in preventing the potential serious health consequences.

The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Corps provides blood pressure screening clinics at BiMart in Sisters, Oregon on the third Tuesday of each month, from Noon to 4:00 p.m. It takes only a minute or two to have your blood pressure checked.  Fire Corps members provide you with a BP log card with your blood pressure reading and the date.   Having your blood pressure checked at least once a month and recording the results on the log card each time, provides your doctor with a picture over time.    We’d love to see you at BiMart on the third “Lucky Number Tuesday” of each month.