Sisters-Camp Sherman RFPD wishes to increase the number of Automated External Defibrillators within the community in which it serves. The District has set aside funds to further this need.

If your business or organization is interested in applying for this grant, please submit this application.

Grants are $250 depending on funds available and applications received. (Typical cost of an AED is estimated at $1200.)

AED Grant Application

  • Why have an AED?

    It can literally mean the difference between life and death. Every minute that ticks by, the survival rates for those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest decrease by 10%. In order to be prepared for these types of medical emergencies, having an AED on site as well as trained individuals who can use the device is critical. Due to the costs involved in purchasing and implementing an AED program, many organizations are seeking out AED grant programs that will offset some of the cost for an AED.

  • Part One

    • Must be installed within the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District or its Ambulance Service Area
    • Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District will coordinate the purchase and install the equipment as well as train employees on how to use the AED. The AED will be the property of the business/organization, and the business will be responsible for its maintenance.
    • Must agree to maintain and service AED as needed. Supplies used for emergencies will be replaced by the Fire District when notified.
    • Must be able to provide the remaining funds necessary for purchase and installation.
    • Must be able to provide a central, safe, but accessible location to store the AED unit where it will be the most beneficial. If the AED unit itself can’t be immediately accessible, signs must be displayed to show that it is available and where. This unit will be documented on PulsePoint AED Sisters Area phone application.
  • I/We, hereby submit/s this grant application for consideration by Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District. I/we attest that the information provided is true and correct and accurately reflects the current state of affairs for the applicant. By submitting this application I/we recognize and agree that the decision to approve or deny this grant application is the right of Sisters-Camp Sherman RFPD and I/we will accept the decision of Sisters-Camp Sherman RFPD regarding this application as final.