Managing Outdoor Burning Safely is everyone’s job.  Your Fire Department has adopted a simple, easy system for monitoring active fires in your area.

Please help us keep our community safe. Download these Outdoor Burn Regulations and follow the steps below.

1. Create your own account on the website or app.

You will be registering your contact information with the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District.  Please be aware we will be using email and text messaging to communicate and normal rates will apply.

2. Create a burn day report for each day you plan to burn.

Let us know where and when you plan to burn, and agree to the Terms and Conditions for each burn.  FD staff will be able to provide valuable advice before and during your burn.

3. Check your mobile phone at least hourly during your outdoor burns.

Your Fire Department staff will be monitoring conditions throughout each day, critical changes in conditions may trigger emergency updates calling for quick action on your burn.

Some Areas Allow No Burning

Please note that some municipalities such as the City of Sisters do not allow yard debris burning at any time during the year within their jurisdictions and certain homeowner’s associations may have further restrictions in place. Staff will continue to monitor weather and fuel moisture conditions in the Sisters‐Camp Sherman Fire District and may make modifications on a day‐to‐day basis.  If conditions become dryer, individual agencies may choose to close local burning.

Prescribed Burns

Central Oregon Fire Chief’s federal partners (US Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management) will be executing prescribed burns throughout the region this fall. These prescribed burns will be conducted under carefully planned conditions with federal fire resources, professional fire managers and firefighters on scene, during favorable weather conditions. These prescribed burns improve forest health and reduce the forest fuels in order to lower the wildfire risk to our communities in the future.

Prepare Your Home

The Central Oregon Fire Chief’s Association urges homeowners to prepare their property for the next fire season by thinning and removing ladder fuels from their property.  Visit FireWise to get tips on how to prepare your home for a wildfire.

Residents are encouraged to contact their local fire department for current regulations regarding open burning prior to burning.

For More Information Contact:

Black Butte Ranch Fire District 
541‐595‐2288 office

Cloverdale Rural Fire Protection District
541‐389‐2345 office
541‐548‐4815 burn information

Sisters‐Camp Sherman Fire District
541‐549‐0771 office – Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F
541‐549‐2333 burn information

Additional Information To make your home, property and neighborhood better protected from the threats of wildfire valuable information can be found at the following websites: