Smoke alarms are important because during a fire, you may have less than three minutes to escape. They alert you to the danger and give your family time to get out. You are four times more likely to survive a home fire if you have a working smoke alarm. The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Districtt urges everyone to clean and test their smoke alarms monthly.

For more information about where to install smoke and CO alarms as well as information regarding how to keep them working properly, click here:

Fire Corps Members

  • Are available to assist residents with installing and maintaining smoke alarms.
  • Can help with hard to reach units, cleaning, and changing batteries if needed and also assist with providing units to residents who do not have any working smoke alarms.

To request assistance with your smoke alarms, please submit the form below and someone from our team will contact you.

Smoke Alarm Assistance Request

Request for information or assistance with smoke alarms.
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  • Approximate number of smoke and CO Alarms in the home?Approximate height of the highest smoke and/or CO Alarm in the home?