Tim Craig

Deputy Chief


Deputy Chief Tim Craig manages the Operations Division of the Sisters-Camp Sherman Rural Fire Protection District.  The operations division is responsible for all fire and EMS activities of the Fire District.

The fire district is responsible for protecting life and property from both structural fires and wildland fires. Due to the overwhelming growth of our fire district, urban-wildland interface fires have become a major threat to our community. Urban wildland interface fires are those which affect both the wildland, residential and commercial buildings. This is most prevalent in the wooded areas of our district where towering ponderosa pines and thick undergrowth can contribute to a fast moving and challenging fire situation. To prepare our firefighters to best combat this type of fire, our District is conducting intensive training for our firefighters.

While fire suppression is a high risk activity, only 10% of our calls are fire related. Most of our calls center around medical emergencies. Our staff of 9 paramedics train regularly on medical emergencies and are available to respond 24 hours a day from our main fire station (Station 701) in Sisters.


Pursuant to ORS 837.362:

  • Evidence data obtained by a UAS will be retained pursuant to OAR 166-150-0135.
  • Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department does not store evidence data obtained by a UAS in third party storage.
  • Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Department does not have intergovernmental agreements regarding disclosure of data.
  • Detailed information for unmanned aerial systems (UAS)