Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District Fire/EMS Resident Volunteer Program

The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District offers individuals 18 years and up the opportunity to apply for their Fire/EMS Resident Volunteer Program. The program is designed to provide knowledge of the operating principles of the fire and emergency medical service through day-to-day operations, hands-on experience, and classroom time. Resident Volunteers learn the principles of firefighting, fire prevention, fire control, rescue and emergency medical services.

Resident Volunteers will:

  • Respond to medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents on a transporting ambulance
  • Actively engage in structural and wildland firefighting as a part of a team
  • Drive and operate emergency equipment, including:
    • Fire engines
    • Ambulances
    • Water tenders
  • Receive training and certification in structural and wildland firefighting
    • Certification is provided through DPSST and transferrable throughout the State
  • Be assigned to shift rotation working 48 hours on with 96 hours off
    • Resident volunteers are excused from their shift requirements to attend classes
    • A limited amount of additional time off is allowed
  • Have opportunities for promotion, supervision, and leadership within the resident volunteer program

The Resident Volunteer experience begins:

Resident Volunteers are chosen through the Joint Recruitment process. The process is administered by Central Oregon Community College (COCC) on behalf of the Central Oregon fire agencies. Recruits selected by Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District (SCSFD) then participate in a comprehensive firefighter academy that teaches the basic components of structural and wildland firefighting as well as emergency vehicle driving. The academy begins in June and ends in mid-August.


Resident Volunteers are expected to live in district housing starting at the beginning of the recruit academy. The district provides private bunkrooms with plenty of storage space and comfortable common living quarters. Common spaces include a spacious kitchen, large dining area, spacious day room with pool table and big screen TV, both male and female bathroom facilities, library/study room, and gym facilities.

Scholarship Details:

Resident Volunteers receive a scholarship covering tuition, books, and fees at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon. They are required to be enrolled in the Structural Fire Science and/or Emergency Medical Services Programs and carry a minimum of 12 credit hours per academic term and maintain a GPA of 3.0 and above. Completion of the program generally takes three years depending upon prior college credit earned. Resident Volunteers receive a monthly mileage and meal reimbursement of $400 during the first year and up to $600 per month in additional years depending on station assignment.  Resident Volunteers may be allowed to use a district vehicle to drive back and forth to classes. District uniforms are provided and consist of: t-shirts, polo shirts, class-B uniform shirts, Nomex pants, jacket, hat, belt, and boot reimbursement.

Promotional Possibility:

The District has a fourth-year scholarship opportunity that was started in the 2015/2016 budget year.  This scholarship is available to one existing resident volunteer, based on budget conditions, and allows them to remain in the program for one additional year and earn a bachelor’s degree in Fire Service Administration or EMS Administration from Eastern Oregon University. A promotion to Resident Volunteer Lieutenant comes along with the fourth-year scholarship. While working under the direct supervision of the Deputy Chief of Operations, the Lieutenant is responsible for many administrative functions within the Resident Volunteer Program. The Resident Volunteer Lieutenant may also be delegated incident management functions under the direct supervision and mentorship of the shift commander.

Additional Opportunities:

In 2015 SCSFD entered into an international exchange program with Hampshire Fire Rescue Service (HFRS) in the southern UK. HFRS sent five firefighters to Central Oregon to learn about American wildland firefighting. In the years since the program began, SCSFD has sent multiple firefighters, including several resident volunteers, to Hampshire to see a different way to fight fire and serve the community. It has been a career-altering experience for all that have been a part of it.

Central Oregon Fire Agencies Joint Recruitment Process Information & Application

The recruitment and application process is coordinated through the Central Oregon Fire Agencies Joint Recruitment Process. Click the links below to review the Joint Recruitment Application, application timeline, and program description. For more information, please contact the Deputy Chief at or call (541) 549-0771. Anyone interested in listing Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District as their top choice for Joint Recruitment is encouraged to schedule a ride-along with the department. To schedule a ride-along, please contact Angela Linker at

The Joint Recruitment Process is currently closed. The application process is open from January to March annually. Check back here for official dates and updated timeline and application.

Disclaimer- You must be able to verify that you are at least 18 years of age by the testing date in order to participate in the 2023 Joint Recruitment Process.

Please contact John Failla, via email: for joint recruitment information and questions.


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