Engine & Amb
We offer the opportunity for you to volunteer in the areas where you feel most comfortable, where you feel you can contribute the most and where you’ll benefit the most from your volunteer experience. Our membership is divided into the following functions:

Fire/Rescue – If getting hot, dirty and physical is your game – this is for you. We offer many opportunities to explore the world of fire and rescue and the training to do it safely. Whether attacking the fire, operating apparatus or serving in the command functions, there is plenty for everyone to do on the fire ground


EMS – If you enjoy helping people in medical emergencies – we’ll provide the training costs and tuition. In cooperation with the Oregon State Department of Health and Emergency Services we’ll train you to be a Certified CPR provider, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B). If you already have your Paramedic certification (EMT-P); we’ll cover the cost of your recertification.  EMS only members are not required to certify in firefighting courses.


Fire Corps – If you love helping people but no longer think running into burning buildings or climbing into the back of an ambulance is your cup of tea, the Auxiliary Volunteer program may be a perfect fit. Auxiliary Volunteers provide compassionate support to victims of emergencies and support the firefighters by providing food and drinks during extended fire operations. Auxiliary Volunteers also provide fire prevention, public education, and community service programs within the communities of Sisters and Camp Sherman.