Outdoor Debris Burning Opens November 1 in Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District!

Outdoor Burning Regulations

1. Download or pick up a copy of the Sisters‐Camp Sherman Fire District Outdoor Burning Regulations at any one of our Stations located in Sisters, Squaw Creek Canyon or Camp Sherman and have on site where burning is to be performed.

2. Call the Outdoor Burning Line 541‐549‐2333 each day that you plan to burn.

3. Follow all regulations in the Outdoor Burning Regulations brochure.

Please note that some municipalities such as the City of Sisters do not allow yard debris burning at any time during the year within their jurisdictions and certain homeowner’s associations may have further restrictions in place. Staff will continue to monitor weather and fuel moisture conditions in the Sisters‐Camp Sherman Fire District and may make modifications on a day‐to‐day basis.  Please call your local outdoor burning information line for your current conditions. If conditions become dryer, individual agencies may choose to close local burning.

Central Oregon Fire Chief’s federal partners (US Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management) will be executing prescribed burns throughout the region this fall. These prescribed burns will be conducted under carefully planned conditions with federal fire resources, professional fire managers and firefighters on scene, during favorable weather conditions. These prescribed burns improve forest health and reduce the forest fuels in order to lower the wildfire risk to our communities in the future.

The Central Oregon Fire Chief’s Association urges homeowners to prepare their property for the next fire season by thinning and removing ladder fuels from their property.  Visit FireWise to get tips on how to prepare your home for a wildfire.

Residents are encouraged to contact their local fire department for current regulations regarding open burning prior to burning.

For More Information Contact:

Black Butte Ranch Fire District 
541‐595‐2288 office

Cloverdale Rural Fire Protection District
541‐389‐2345 office
541‐548‐4815 burn information

Sisters‐Camp Sherman Fire District
541‐549‐0771 office
541‐549‐2333 burn information


  • Current burn regulations must be on site while burning.
  • You must have legal control of the property, or permission of the property owner where burning is conducted.
  • The City of Sisters does not allow outdoor debris burning for residents.
  • Check your Home Owner’s Association regulations prior to burning.
  • The ground shall be clear of combustible material for 10 feet outside of fire in all directions.
  • No burning when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.
  • Stop burning when winds become gusty and difficult to control.
  • Keep adequate firefighting equipment on hand at all times while burning.
  • Call 541-549-2333 prior to burning to find out if burning is allowed.  Recreational fires may be allowed when residential open burning is closed.
  • All open burning, excluding recreational fires, must be extinguished by sundown.
  • Fires shall be attended at all times by a responsible adult.
  • A system or procedure to call 9-1-1
  • If a fire gets out of control, CALL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY.


  • Fire area shall not exceed 6 ft. by 6 ft. by 6 ft. and shall not be conducted within 50 ft. of a structure.
  • Fires that are smaller than 3 ft. by 3 ft. by 3 ft. shall not be conducted within 25 ft. of  a structure.
  • Fires in an approved  steel burn barrel, where allowed, shall have a spark arrestor screen with openings not greater than 1/2 inch and shall not be within 15 ft. of a structure.
  • All general burn regulations apply in addition to the rules above.


  • Fire area shall not be greater than 3 ft. by 3 ft. by 2 ft. used for pleasure, religious ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes.
  • Recreational fires shall not be conducted within 25 ft. of a structure.
  • The ground shall be clear of burnable material for 10 ft. outside of fire in all directions.
  • Recreational fires may be permitted after dark.
  • All general burn regulations apply in addition to the rules above.


  • Field burning requires a burn permit from ODF.  To obtain a permit and schedule an inspection, call the ODF Sisters Office at 541-549-2731.
  • Commercial or other burning that does not comply with these regulations must have a written permit.
  • Permits will be issued for a single burn only.
  • All safety requirements shall be met prior to burning.
  • Unless approved in advance, all fires shall be extinguished by dusk.
  • A valid permit and current burn regulations must be kept on site.
  • Site must have adequate fire suppression equipment and fire breaks for controlling the fire.
  • All general burn regulations apply in addition to the rules above.


  • Barbecue pits in outdoor locations shall be constructed of approved, noncombustible material.
  • Pits shall not be located within 25 feet of combustible walls, roofs or other combustible material.
  • All general regulations apply in addition to the rules above.


  • The definition of bonfire is an outdoor fire, larger than a recreational fire, used for ceremonial purposes.
  • Bonfires must be inspected by the fire department prior to igniting.  Call the Fire Marshal at 541-549-0771. Permit required.
  • Fires shall not be conducted within 50 feet of a structure. More distance may be required.
  • The ground shall be clear of all burnable material for 10 feet in all directions.
  • All general burn regulations apply in addition to the rules above.


(Applies to all types of burning)

  • Garbage
  • Plastic
  • Wire insulation
  • Auto bodies
  • Petroleum based products
  • Rubber
  • Animal waste
  • Food service waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Commercial waste


Your Home Ignition Zone is the area from your home out 30-100 feet!  Did you know that the primary reason for homes destroyed from wildfires are from airborne firebrands/embers which can be carried over a mile from the wildfire and ignite vegetation and debris on and around your home?  Prepare your home for the wildfire season before there is smoke on the horizon!

  • Create a fuel-free area within 5 feet of your home’s perimeter!
  • Keep leaves and pine needles off your roof and deck, out of rain gutters and at least 5 feet from the outside wall of your home, deck and attached combustible fences.
  • Keep combustible plants and bark mulch at least 5 feet from the outside wall of your home, deck and attached combustible fences.
  • Use fire resistive plants and noncombustible mulch such as rock within 5 feet from the outside wall of your home, deck and attached fences.  A fire resistive plant list is available at the fire station or by contacting Oregon Department of Forestry.
  • From 5 feet to 30 feet, mow grass, thin and space combustible vegetation and trees.  Prune shrubs and low hanging tree limbs.
  • From 30-100 feet space shrubs and prune low hanging tree limbs.  This is the area for firewood piles, no closer during the wildfire season!


  • When it is time for a remodel or replacement of the roof, windows and deck use fire resistive building materials.
  • Use fire-rated shingles such as asphalt, metal, slate, clay tile or concrete products.
  • Roof and attic vents should be covered with 1/8-inch mesh metal screen material.
  • Windows should be dual pane and for even better protection use Tempered Glass.
  • Use fire resistant or non-combustible siding such as brick, fiber-cement, rock or stucco.
  • Use non-combustible decking such as concrete pavers or fiber-cement.
  • Use non-combustible metal rain gutters and spouts.


  • Identify your home and neighborhood with legible, clearly marked street names and house address numbers.
  • Make your driveway at least 12 feet wide with 14 feet of vertical clearance with slopes no greater than 12%.
  • Develop, discuss and practice an emergency action plan, include details for pets, large animals and livestock.
  • Program cell phones with emergency numbers.
  • Know two ways out of your neighborhood and have a predesignated meeting place.
  • Have your cell phone number listed with Deschutes County 911 Dispatch for emergency updates.

Additional information can be found at www.projectwildfire.org www.firewise.org www.disastersafety.org/wildfire/

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Sisters-Camp Sherman's Outdoor Burning Regulations

Additional Information

To make your home, property and neighborhood better protected from the threats of wildfire valuable information can be found at the following websites: