The Sisters–Camp Sherman Fire District team of volunteers is comprised of your neighbors, friends and maybe even your relatives.

They’re people just like you – with families, jobs and active lifestyles who still find time to give back to their community. Sisters–Camp Sherman Fire District offers a friendly environment for you to discover your capabilities and make the most of your volunteering investment.

Established in 1937, the Sisters–Camp Sherman Fire District is a premier provider of emergency services in northwest Deschutes County, Oregon – protecting residents and businesses along the Highway 20 corridor and forest recreation areas of Sisters and Camp Sherman.


Supported by an active association, the membership is made up of approximately 45 active firefighters and EMS personnel, six scholarship students and 24 Fire Corps members.

Sisters–Camp Sherman Fire District seeks volunteers to bolster its ranks in order to provide a wide range of services.

We offer comprehensive benefits including quality training, flexible station assignments, an accidental death and dismemberment insurance policies, workman’s comp, air and ground ambulance benefits, length of service award and shift meal reimbursement.

Sisters – Camp Sherman Fire District has a vision for expanding our volunteer base to include a diverse membership. 

We encourage the volunteerism of qualified men and women of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds.

A great volunteer shares these abilities and values:

  • Lives or works in the Sisters – Camp Sherman Fire District
  • Available for rapid response in emergencies.
  • Civic-oriented individual.
  • Working, retired or student.
  • “Hands-on” volunteer.
  • Good team player.

In addition, Operations volunteers must be a Current EMS/FF certified individual, or a strong candidate for Firefighter and/or EMS certification.


What do our Volunteers do?

The Sisters–Camp Sherman Fire District is a combination career and volunteer fire department which blends a 24 hour career staff with volunteers who are ready 24/7 to assist in any emergency.

We train hard and expect a lot from our volunteers. 

For more specifics, read below about the volunteer tracks and the many different ways you may volunteer to help the Sisters – Camp Sherman District area and surrounding communities.

The department currently maintains a fleet of five fire engines, one heavy rescue truck, four ambulances, four light and one heavy brush engines, four water tenders and four command vehicles.

Which Volunteer Track is For You?


Operations Volunteers are just what you might think.  This is the traditional Fire, Emergency Medical, or Ambulance Personnel Volunteer.

Operations Volunteers provide firefighting and/or emergency medical services, vehicle extrication and specialized rescue and fire prevention services to a 55 square mile area including the City of Sisters and the Camp Sherman community from three fire stations.

In addition we provide advanced life support emergency medical and ambulance transport services to an area over 800 square miles.


If getting hot, dirty and physical is your game – this is for you. We offer many opportunities to explore the world of fire and rescue and the training to do it safely. Whether attacking the fire, operating apparatus or serving in the command functions, there is plenty for everyone to do on the fire ground

Apply to Fire/Rescue Operations


If you enjoy helping people in medical emergencies – we’ll provide the training costs and tuition.

In cooperation with the Oregon State Department of Health and Emergency Services we’ll train you to be a Certified CPR provider, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B). If you already have your Paramedic certification (EMT-P); we’ll cover the cost of your recertification. 

EMS only members are not required to certify in firefighting courses.

Apply to EMS Operations

Resident Volunteer

The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District offers individuals 18 years and up the opportunity to apply for their Fire/EMS Resident Volunteer Program. 

The program is designed to promote knowledge of the basic operating principles of the fire and emergency medical services through day-to-day operations, hands-on experience and actual classroom time. 

Resident Volunteers will be trained on the principles of firefighting, fire prevention, fire control, rescue and emergency medical services.

Apply to The Student Resident Program

Fire Corps

Fire Corps volunteers are a critical part of our team.  

If you love helping people but no longer think running into burning buildings or climbing into the back of an ambulance is your cup of tea, the Fire Corps program may be a perfect fit.

Fire Corps volunteers may receive training and be assigned to provide one or more of the following critical services:


  • Teaching fire safety, life safety education such as CPR and first aid training, blood pressure assessments
  • Green emergency address sign installation
  • Community Risk Education (smoke alarms and fire prevention/safety)
  • Conducting home safety checks
  • Installing alarms (smoke and carbon monoxide) and fire extinguishers in area homes
  • Distributing preparedness materials to residents in your community
  • Providing hydration and refreshments to first responders during long incidents
  • Wildfire/Fuel mitigation
  • Office work, data entry
  • Other duties and programs as assigned by the Fire Chief
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