A Presentation on Wildfire’s Natural Role in Our Local Forests


The recent Milli Fire last summer burned over 24,000 acres and impacted residents and businesses in Sisters Country.  While it may not feel like it outside, fire season is on its way again!  Nationally recognized ecologist Paul Hessberg will give a presentation on wildfire, its natural role in our local forests and how that role has changed.  Local agency partners including the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District, USFS Sisters Ranger District, Oregon Department of Forestry, City of Sisters, Sisters Science Club, and Brooks Resources are sponsoring the free presentation, which will be held on Thursday, March 22 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Belfry in Sisters.


Last year was a record fire year with 9.1 million acres burning in the United States.  More than 680,000 acres burned in Oregon alone, in at least 33 separate fires, one of which was a megafire that burned over 190,000 acres.  Dr. Hessberg will present to the audience an engaging, multimedia presentation about wildfire, its natural role in our local forests and how that role has changed.  Dr. Hessberg will present the multiple options available to our community to reshape the wildfire problem and how we can better learn to live with fire.


Paul Hessberg, Ph.D., is a Research Ecologist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station, US Forest Service.  He has been studying historical and modern era forests of the Inland West for the last 32 years, publishing extensively in leading national and international journals.  His work documents large changes in forest conditions and how these changes, along with climate change, have set the stage for large and severe wildfires.  This presentation is an outgrowth of his research and his concerns for the future.


No tickets are needed for the event, which is expected to be attended at full capacity.  It is recommended that you arrive early to get a seat.  Doors open at 6 p.m.